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About Us


Deepak Care Ltd Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical products. These are spread across seven cross functional divisions: Eye, ENT, Women's Health, Skin, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Consumables and Pharmaceutical Division. Our top management comprises of doctors and engineers. They realize the importance of high quality medical products being economical and accessible to far-flung regions. We are presently exporting to more than 100 countries and have been awarded by various governments for high quality products and services. We take pride in building long-term customer relationships and look forward to opportunities to work with you.


Our core value is the "overall well-being" of society which we achieve by:

Continuous Learning, Innovation and Improvement

A regular part of our work is the continuous improvement of all our activities. We learn from each other's successes and failures. We find solutions to recognized problems and ensure their causes are eliminated.

Process Efficiency and Reliability

We design all our processes such that their results meet the expectations of our internal and external customers, and work constantly to improve their efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Credibility is the key to our success; hence, all of our decisions and actions ultimately are driven by integrity. We are honest and forthright in all our dealings with our customers and with each other.

Child Labour

We believe the place of our children is in schools and not in factories.
We do not use Child Labour in any form.


ISO 9001 : 2000
ISO 13485:2003

Quality is an all-pervasive commitment at Deepak Care Ltd.

Internally, we translate this commitment into seamless product & service delivery for our customers.

We are ISO 9001: 2000; ISO 13485:2003; CE Certified by DNV Norway. We try to follow all applicable International Standards & maintain best industry practices in all our endeavors.

Externally, the patient comes first in everything we do. We strive to provide every patient and every customer with services and products of uncompromising quality - error free, on time, every time.


It's a beautiful world! Touch Wood!

Protection of the environment, heritage and health of employees are amongst our highest priorities. We design our processes in line with the principle of sustainability, and strive to make a constant contribution to climate protection. We ensure that resources are used as economically as possible. We protect and promote the health of our employees at the workplace and beyond.


The Eye Division includes products like spectacles, IOL, artificial eyes, trial lenses, vision charts, autoref, lens meters, retinoscopes, ophthalmoscopes , tonometers, aspheric lenses, keratometers, synoptophores, slit lamps, ultrasounds, lasers, cryo, vitrectomy, coagulators, phaco, loupes, microscopes, lights, microsurgical blades, medicines, surgical instruments & surgery specific kits etc.

ENT Division includes Otoscope, Laryngo-pharyngoscope, Naso-pharyngoscope, head light, operating microscope etc.

The Women's Health Division includes Gynae exam couches, delivery tables, etc.

The Skin Division includes aesthetic lasers, medicines etc.

The Hospital Equipment Division includes autoclaves, sterilizers, hospital beds, emergency trolleys, stretchers, couches, wheel chairs, emergency carts, operation tables, OT lights, suction machines, anesthesia machines etc.

The Hospital Consumables Division includes syringes, gloves, sutures, caps, gowns, masks, intracath, IV sets etc.

Pharmaceuticals Division includes eye drops, eye ointments, injectables, methylcellulose viscoelastic HPMC etc.